1. Always turn the fan on your stove, hood or microwave to keep temperatures from damaging your backsplash
  2. Your backsplash is treated with different sealer to keep stains from oil, dirt or others. 
  3. Cleaning your backsplash is easy. Use water and soap with a sponge. You can also use tile cleaning products
  4. Your backsplash is sealed and has to be treated again every 4-5 years. Stores like Home Depot or Lowes carry professional sealers that will extend the beauty and life of your art work.
  5. If you see a crack or stain that is not coming out let us know and we will come and fix it.



  • Is the price of a mural/backsplash by square foot ? 
    • It is calculated based on the intricacy and materials used. Custom work is different from one kitchen to another. 
  • Is there a cost for the design consultation ?
    • No, it is Free
  • Can I provide my own design ?
    • Yes, in some kitchens, home owners have an idea based on sites like pintrest, or other designs
  • Are the murals sealed? I feel like stains wil stay on the grout or metal tiles?
    • Yes they are, our work is 100% guaranteed and if you ever have a stain, we will come and fix it